Buttery toasts and milk tea at Hong Kong style 茶餐廳 (cha chaan teng, literally “tea-meal shop”) gave me an excellent head start to my long day of getting lost in Central district.

After reading about Lan Fong Yuen’s fame worthy milk tea made with “a blend of different teas fine-tuned over years of experimentation” and condense milk, I found myself settling right by the kitchen to observe the process of how things are made instead of squeezing butts with others who are eager to order pork chop buns or chicken noodle.

The Duo pictured above is solely responsible for toasts and beverage at LFY whipping out buttered toasts, pork chop buns, milk teas in a sweeping second as soon as the order hits the table. I have completely succumbed myself in front of a gigantic tub of butter, begging for more to smear on my toasts (if munching on buttered goods, might as well get a full portion and enjoy it).

Located right across Loon Kee Restaurant, it could be a great way to finito the meal with some dangerous sweets.