Duck rice

Duck rice

Duck, duck, goose!

After a few days in Hong Kong, roasted ducks and suckling pigs mercilessly clawed by the window caught my eyes. I was wandering around Gage street filled with locally catered produces and raw meats and I stumbled upon this joint with several magazine articles proudly stuck on the side window boasting its reputation.

The dirtier the interior (de-legged pig hanging out by your table?), the more attracted I was to this particular corner of the street. Despite Bourdain’s stern suggestion of “crispy, juice, a little bit of salt[ed]” pork, I went for duck legs (point, “zhe ge,” chopped).

The dish is shockingly simple: Rice, duck pieces, unknown sauce from the pot.

After a few bites, you won’t even mind a lifeless pig hanging out by your corner as you will consume the rest left in a heartbeat.