entre vigne et garrigue scene

It almost felt like I am at an enchanted palace in a small village called Pujaut. As soon as you step in, it is hard not to be mesmerized by this scenery. 

entre vigne et garrigue restaurant

Even in the world's best restaurants, I sometimes cannot quite handle the creativity they managed to stretch far too thin but this definitely isn't one of those places. I seriously could not handle how each course could blow our minds one bite at a time.

entre vigne et garrigue lavender

Lovely lavender field right behind the pool- could you imagine taking a dive into the pool, come out and be greeted with this view?

entre vigne et garrigue herb

Chefs will come out to a mini herb garden time to time to collect the freshest herbs for the night. 

And here we go-

Apéritif. It's almost poetic here...

caviar, ice cream, toast

caviar, ice cream, toast

cod fritters

cod fritters

tomato gazpachod

tomato gazpachod

Amuse-bouche trio. 

Beets. Goat cheese.

Pan fried duck foie gras. Red tuna. Sesame. 

Monkfish. Apricot. 

Cheese cart. Selection of fresh and matured cheeses from Maitre Pellegrini.

Raspberries and strawberries, marmalade and White Eat Cheese White Tile Sesame Sorbet

Entremet dulcey, caramel ice cream, earl grey tea.

Beautiful night scene at Entre Vigne et Garrigue.

For anyone traveling near Avignon, I strongly recommend you to take a 15 min drive up to this beautiful bed and breakfast in Pujaut. I say this with utmost confidence- it was the best dinner I ever had in this millennium. 

Entre Vigne et Garrigue Mas Saint-Bruno, 600 Route de Saint-Bruno, 30131 Pujaut, France