Iconic view of Ruhl Plage at Promenades des Anglais.

Fresh oysters at  Cafe de Turin (5 Place Garibaldi). Possibly the largest oysters I have seen to date.

Museé National Marc Chagall (36 Avenue Dr Ménard). Get your asics on before taking a hike up to the museum- it's a long winding road with steep hills that most people would prefer to cab up.

Single entry is 8 euros , opens 10 AM - 6 PM except Tuesdays.

"The permanent collection is the biggest public collection of works by Marc Chagall. It is organized around the set of works produced by the painter on the Old Testament themes, supplemented by a large number of works of secular or religious inspiration: over 400 painting, gouaches, drawings, wash drawings and pastels. The museum offers the visitor a first room containing twelve large-size paintings illustrating the first two books of the Old Testament, Genesis and Exodus. In a second, smaller hexagonal room are five compositions on the theme of the Song of Songs, another Old Testament book." - Nice Tourisme

I won't necessarily categorize myself as a museum fanatic (I prefer to visit local markets or restaurants instead, duh), but I loved it here. Every piece has a story, every piece is connected one after another- audio guide is a must for the full narrative.

To Vava, my wife, my joy and delight

Strolling down Place Massena 

At Nice's iconic Ruhl Plage- don't mind if we pop a bottle of rosé to celebrate a different kind of Monday blues! 

Taking a nice stroll around Vieille Ville before La Merenda. (4 Rue Raoul Bosio)

No phone, no credit card, no opentable- couldn't get more old town than that. To snag a dinner spot, your best bet is to walk into the restaurant during odd hours and ask if there is any availability for the night. Luckily for us, we were able to snag 9 PM slot giving us enough time to roam around Nice. 

While researching for cute local dinner spots in Nice, my coworker who lived in Nice recommended La Merenda and reading rave reviews all around, it seemed nuts not to give it a try (Read: a NYT article from 1988!). And boy was I happy to try "rustic bite-sized bistro" that revived peasant food into Nice's must try cuisine. 

Voila. Nice's best secret- La Merenda's Pâtes au pistou

...and Daube de beouf, my absolute favorite.

Simple menu. Don't mind if we pop another bottle of red!

Our trip coincided with Fête de la Musique. Festivities!

This became a very dangerous, yet scrumptious habit I got accustomed to. My night, without at least two scoops from Fenocchio, would be incomplete.

Nocciola and Speculoos, a lethal combination of all things sweet.